河村康輔/ Kosuke kawamura
  • 1979年広島県生。東京在住。
    ERECT Magazineアートディレクター。
    アパレルブランド、「VANDALIZE」Tシャ ツコラボレーション、「NADA.」のグラフィック。
    Winston Smith、KING JOE、SHOHEI等と共作、美術館、ギャラリー等で個展、グループ展に参加。
    サンフランシスコでの個展「TOKYO POP!!」を開催する。
    Winston Smithとのコラボレーション作品集「22Idols」、単独作品集「2ND」を出版。
    2012年には「大友克洋GENGA展」メイン・ビジュアルを制作。2013年、田名網敬一「glamour」100Limited.表紙コラージュ制作、映画『SHORT PEACE』メイン・ビジュアル、A BATHING APE®にて「大友克洋×河村康輔」コラボレーション展を開催。

  • Born in 1979 in Hiroshima and currently lives in Tokyo. Works as both Graphic Designer and Special Affect Designer. He is also a One Plus collage artist. Was accepted at Takashi Nemoto's exhibition, "Takashi Nemoto and others' Pick! Cheerful Everyday". Now an art director for ERECT Magazine. Collaborated a T-shirt work with an apparel brand, VANDALIZE and also some graphic work for NADA.. Produced numerous flyers for several lives and events.Published numbers of book designs and other materials for designers. Together with Mr. Nemoto, produces test-art comic, "Soleil Discipline". It currently been published serially for a quarterly magazine TRASH-UP! Started a live silk print in 2007. Has collaborated with Winston Smith and KING JOE and SHOHEI to participate in both solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries. He did a solo exhibition, 'TOKYO POP!!' in San Francisco.
    he has published a collaboration portfolio with Winston Smith,
    '22Idols'. He also published solo portfolio ' 2ND '.
    And he worked for main visual of ' Katsuhiro Ootomo Genga ten '
    In 2012.
    In 2013, He has worked for 100 limited collage of ' Keiichi Tanaami Glamour on conver , main visual of ' Short Peace ' the movie and ' Katsuhiro Ootomo and Kosuke Kawamura ' collaborat exhibition at A Bathing Ape.
2014.8.28.thu - 9.15.mon 「E.L.A.S」




【会場】 mograg garage
【会期】 2014年8月28日(木)-9月15日(月・祝)14:00-20:00
【open】14:00-20:00 木金土日祝オープン
☆Reception Party:9.13.sat 18:00- @mograg garage

Kosuke Kawamura