Le Petit Mignon presents
Le Petit Mignon is a record label, a publishing company and a gallery focused on DIY and underground art and grafic design, hosted by the Berlin based specialist of unusual and experimental music Staalplaat. With exhibitions showing works by the most creative contemporary artists from all around the world, collections of handmade & printed artbooks, fanzines and comics as well as limited editions of silkscreened posters and t-shirts.

Le Petit Mignon
c/o Staalplaat store
Kienitzer Str. 108, Eg rechts
12049 Berlin
phone: +49-30 41 76 73 55

*Le Petit Mignon とは、ベルリンを拠点とした実験的な音楽のフォーラムであるStaalplaatが主催するギャラリー/レコードレーベル/出版社である。