mograg vol,04 2013年5月10日発売!!
mograg vol,04テーマ「日本」 “The book's main concept is 'in-magazine exhibition.'
The theme for this issue is 'Japan.'
We have requested various artists to make a new work based on this theme.
The main content will be the new works, which will be exhibited for the first time in this magazine, and in-depth interviews of the artists about their intentions of the production and creation themes.
The magazine will also feature columns about people we met who are doing interesting things and articles about interesting places.

Through this book we hope to show art fans all over the world what’s currently happening with Japan's underground artists and hope that this book will become a hub for building an even more unique and exciting network with interesting artists of the world.

ICHASU / Daisuke Ichiba / Yuta Okamura / oki-chu. / Hideyuki Katsumata / Hidekado Goto / Doumu Kobayashi / Sakurako Hamaguchi / HIZGI / Ryo Hirano / Kohei Yamao as BAKIBAKI / YANKOMA / WASTE STYLE
【Interview】Max Tundra / Pakito Bolino
【Serialization】Good Space Report "Gallery Share Space Kiwamari-so in MITO"
Makoto Aono(owner of excube) / Motako Ishii / Kyozo Kawabe(owner of Aquvii) / Yumiko Kobayashi / Daiki Tomoe(owner of Shikaku) / Katsuya Nonaka / Ryo Fukuta (Editor in chief of ELECT magazine) / Kayoko Yuki(owner of KAYOKOYUKI) / Ami Yoshida