彼女のインタラクティブ・ビデオアート / 壁画作品『Don’t fallow the white rabbit』は、ザグレブの現代美術館の公式コレクションとなっている。また、彼女の壁画『Equilibrium』はフランクフルトの欧州中央銀行にも設置されるなど、公共空間でのアート・プロジェクトも行なっており、彼女の作品は都市のストリートカルチャーにも組み込まれている。

OKOs paintings, wall paintings and installations have been shown in galleries and museums such as Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, Victoria and Albert Museum in London, e-flux in New York, and European parliament in Brussels. Her mural is a part of the official collection of paintings of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, so is her interactive video/wall work "Don't fallow the white rabbit" for permanent collection of Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. Her mural work "Equilibrium" is part of permanent art collection of the seat of Central European bank in Frankfurt. Simultaneously she also realizes projects in the public space, and her work is embedded within the urban street culture.
Born in Yugoslavia, raised in Croatia. She lives between London and Zagreb.

Instagram : @3oko

OKO Solo Exhibition "Inner Nations: Exploring the Unity Within"



OKO Solo Exhibition "Inner Nations: Exploring the Unity Within - 内なる一体感の探求-"

2024.6.8.sat - 6.23.sun

OPEN /13:00-20:00
CLOSE /月曜日
6.8.sat オープニングパーティ 18:00 - 21:00

A Croatian artist named OKO (=eye). Her highly anticipated first solo exhibition in Japan, showcasing her borderless activities from the streets of various European countries to contemporary art museums.

「Inner Nations : 内なる一体感の探求」は、私たちの内なる世界の複雑な風景を掘り下げる没入型の展覧会である。私たちの心と体の中にある多様な領域と、それらを結びつける深いつながりを探求する、自分探しの旅へと来場者を誘う。

"Inner Nations: Exploring the Unity Within" is an immerse exhibition that delves into the intricate landscape of our internal worlds.
It invites visitors to embark on a journey of self-discovery, exploring the diverse territories within our minds and bodies, and the profound connections that bind them together.We are encouraged to reflect on our own 'inner nations' - the diverse aspects of our identity, personality, and psyche, and will gain insights into the importance of nurturing well-being and finding balance within ourselves.