Graham Meyer
『Drunken Diary Japan Vol.1 - Kyoto (酔っぱらい日記 Vol 1 - 京都)』

This new project is a continuation of the series in a completely new and unfamiliar environment, Kyoto. He will be staying in the city for 3 weeks and the first week will be solely dedicated to documenting his experiences, aimless wandering, and inebriated adventures. The images will be quickly curated and assembled into a new publication to be launched and viewed at Momurag Gallery.

Graham Meyer


【Graham Meyer Profile Profile】
Graham Meyer is a photographer currently residing in Bangkok, Thailand. In 2013 he self published a photo zine titled “MAO MAK MAG ["Very Drunk" (in Thai)] a 40 page drunken Diary filled with snapshots and wasted memories from Bangkok, the land of angels and terrible hangovers. Since then 2 other zines have followed in the series embodying 3 years of (mostly) after hours photographs, late night escapades, and absurd situations among friends and strangers in bars, homes, and around the streets.